Centriqo: The new heart of Panama Pacifico


The time has come to share with you the 3 main reasons why Centriqo is the heart of Panama Pacifico. Are you ready to meet a new rhythm of life?


  • The city beats to a new rhythm

Centriqo is the perfect place to start your family life and feel the new heartbeat that will change your future. It is a place that adapts to your needs within an environment of greatness.

We have 1 and 2 bedroom apartments with flex and lock-off spaces from 52 m2 to 100 m2. Take a look at the different models!


  • Know your new rhythm

In Centriqo you will not miss anything, we are the center of everything you need, we are a project with accessibility to everything essential.

  1. LiveResidential Area for you to live comfortably.
  2. Work: Co Work areas designed for independent professionals, emperors and SMEs so that they can develop their projects without leaving home.
  3. Experience: Commercial area to put at your fingertips everything you need in your day to day.


We also have 11 exclusive amenities that will make you break with the routine and make your day the best of all. These are just some of the exclusive spaces for you: Game Room, Sports Bar, Fire Pit, Food & Leisure. Not bad at all!



  • A city made of heartbeats

This project was born within Panama Pacifico, a place created for extraordinary stories full of significant moments.

Meet a new home that unites you to all the essentials, one that will set a new dynamic rhythm for you and will keep you connected to a whole environment of possibilities.

Centriqo is the new heart of Panama Pacifico.